The Etios has been first released as a concept car back in 2010 and shortly after that, it has been released on the Indian market and subsequently on the Brazilian and Indonesian markets as well. Because the car did not receive a single update so far, a new model is going to be released with the 2016 Toyota Etios which will include quite a few changes, both inside and out.

For starters, it will get all new engines which are going to be built in Brazil as well as in India. On top of that, these should be at least 10% more efficient than those found on the ongoing model as well as slightly more powerful.


Just as we said, the design of the 2016 Toyota Etios did change quite a bit and even though the basic shape is the same as before, all the details make this an all new car. The front end received Toyota’s new grille design with the headlights being nicely integrated into the design, the bumper now sports a wider intake while the fog-lights received a slightly more different look. The back of the hatchback is cleaner and with no obvious flaws while the bumper now sports a small diffuser like construction.

The top end version will also receive a small roof mounted spoiler and a two-tone color where the roof will be painted in order to contrast with the exterior and interior colors. The wheels on both the sedan and the hatchback will also be new while the mirror’s design will change in order to make less noise at higher speeds.

Inside the cabin, the new Etios received a lot of changes such as an all new dashboard design, a nicer to hold steering wheel with more padding as well as better materials throughout. Just like before, the center console sports all the usual controls as well as the instrument cluster but this time around, the car can also be equipped with a 7 inch infotainment system which not only allows the driver to play music but it can also mirror the screen of an Android phone, meaning it will be able to display navigation directions as well as it will allow the driver or the passenger to access the internet and even watch movies which is rather impressive in a car as cheap as the Etios.


Under the hood of the 2016 Toyota Etios we are going to find two new engines. Both of these will be of the same displacement as before, so a 1.2 and a 1.5 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 petrol engine. However, this time around, Toyota worked quite a bit in order to make them more efficient as well as more powerful. This makes the smaller of the two capable of 90 horsepower and 126 N*m of torque while the larger 1.5 liter engine will provide 97 horsepower and 136 N*m of torque which is more than enough for such a light car.

Both of these will come on the market with a 5 speed manual gearbox and both of them will be able to get better than 6 liters/100km on average!


Besides the new engine, the upcoming Etios will also get a new look for both the sedan and its hatchback counterpart. This will also be the first time when the two will be offered in all markets. The price will likely remain unchanged meaning that the base version will start around $9,000 while a fully equipped diesel version of the car will fetch up to $13,000 which makes it the perfect rival for the Renault Logan.

However, unlike the Logan, the Etios is offering more equipment inside the cabin as well as a slightly larger engine pool.


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