Toyota unveiled the newest special edition named 2016 Toyota GT 86 GRMN at Tokyo Auto Show. The GT 86 has been on the market ever since 2011 and in this time, it did not receive a single update from Toyota. However, this is about to change quite a bit because not only did people managed to photograph a camouflaged development car of the next generation GT 86 but Toyota also released an all new model which will be sold only in Japan.

The 2016 Toyota GT 86 GRMN Special Edition will only be sold in 100 units, meaning it will be the most exclusive model to date. GRMN actually stands for Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring, meaning that this special edition models comes with a lot of goodies meant to make it faster around a track.


The masters of GRMN worked tremendously in order to make the GT 86 a faster car so while they did not increase the power of the engine to extraordinary levels or the car doesn’t come with a wide body kit and F-1 levels of downforce, they did work quite a bit on how the car feels and drives. The exterior has been tweaked with a large carbon fiber rear wing, a carbon fiber front splitter as well as a carbon fiber wood. These now only provide downforce and cooling for the engine, but they also allow the car to shed nearly 100 pounds of weight.

The wheels are 17 inches which is just like the usual model but this time around, the rear rims are now wider by a full inch for a total of eight inches. This allows the 2016 Toyota GT 86 GRMN Special Edition to have wider tires there it counts and thanks to the forged aluminum wheels, it does all that without having to add any additional weight. Also, the car features a mid-mounted exhaust as well as a carbon fiber rear diffuser which do complete the sporty look.


The car’s interior has not been showcased just yet but considering the outside changes, it is safe to assume that the interior did receive a bit of attention as well. Here, the seats have likely been upgraded so some that are a bit more supportive while the usual features such as the air conditioning unit or even the stereo system are now likely gone.

Engine wise, the 2016 Toyota GT 86 GRMN Special Edition is using the same 2 liter flat-4 naturally aspirated petrol mill which has been tweaked quite a bit. Firstly, both the intake and exhaust systems are all new now and both of them are expected to be used on the production model. On top of that, the internals are all new in order to offer less friction while the car’s engine management system has been tuned in order to offer the best possible experience on a track. This allows it to offer up to 216 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque which is only a marginal increase.

However, the car is much faster around a track because the suspension is new while the brakes are now better than ever with larger disc in the front and 6 piston calipers in the front with 4 piston calipers in the back. This allows this very light car to brake very late into the corner which means it does not lose as much speed as the usual production version.


The price has been set for nearly $54,000 which is nearly twice the price of the original. However, the car also comes with a lot of new features which could also be used on the future production model without having to increase the costs as much.

The release date is currently unknown but the car will likely start selling the first half of 2016 and it should sell out pretty quickly considering there are only a handful of cars available.


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